Abba Zaba Green

Drowned in sound

Sunn O)))

The end of everything, the band that indulge within music’s dark abyss, senseless noise behind a wasteland of roaring string texture.    

They sound like the black night sky is doomed to level at your head and turn your fucking brain over. No band could ever sound as heinous as Sunn O))), I can only describe it as an emptiness, a surreal void. Mammoth noise scapes yield waves of thick black glop that sticks to the inside of your head. That lead footed crush of humming chords exerting absolute non-existence, there is a pure wickedness behind their manipulation of guitar. A music design that’s outer worldly, at a level, utter lunacy (perhaps), its a head chamber, their sound is an escape, a secret explosion. Sunn are a mediator of music’s obscure depths, assailants for metals exploration. Perversely orchestrated, heavy noise.  

Playing KOKO June / Click Image 

Sunn O))) KOKO

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